[Bf-funboard] Empties in the bone hierarchy

Jason van Gumster flaw at misaligned.net
Mon Mar 30 11:06:03 CEST 2009

What would be more valuable, IMO, would be to get some of the
object-level functionality down to bones. A perfect sample of this is
hooks. You can nicely control a curve with hooks, and they can be
Empties or any other object... but hooks cannot be bones. So if you're
faced with a situation where you're using a curve as a guide for a
ponytail on a character's head, the only way to control that curve is
with Empties. Those Empties, in turn, need to be made children of bones
in the armature so it can all be controlled from the action editor.

The solution here isn't really to shove Empties into the Armature
hierarchy, but to allow bones to act as hooks. Of course, there are
likely to be depsgraph issues with this or somesuch... but a solution
to this is much more useful to me as a rigger than having my
controllers look like empties.


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