[Bf-funboard] Feature List

Jason van Gumster flaw at misaligned.net
Mon Mar 30 06:23:08 CEST 2009

bassam <bkurdali at freefactory.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 11:39 +1100, Roger wrote:
> > Add to <Space><Mesh> dropdown  <Add Vert> and <Add Line> so we
> > don't have to add a plane then delete excess verts.
> could be good, could be too much, I'll let others comment on this

Isn't this why PyMeshes (or whatever the proper terminology is) were
added to the Add -> Mesh menu? If you need an object that's just a vert
or an edge, you can create that now in python and it'll be added to the
list. This way you can get your preferred default objects and I don't
have to see them. ;)

> > Allow envelopes to be manipulated so they can be pulled to outlying
> > verts  - non cylindrical envelopes.
> not so sure this is really that great, there are python scripts
> however that allow 'baking' mesh envelopes into vertex groups.

This also defeats the simplicity of envelopes. If you have an object
that complex, it's likely to be better to use bone heat, custom weight
painting, or add a new bone to account for the outlying geometry.

> > Select verts and LMB click to attach to selected bone or armature
> eh, you seem to be wanting to add a lot of existing functionality to
> left mouse click? sounds a bit overkill, unless you are shooting for
> some tablet pc type interface.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this feature already kind of exists...
If you're in weight paint mode, select the bone, Tab into edit mode,
and the vertex group should be automatically chosen for you in the
Edit buttons... then select your verts and LMB the Assign button.

> > Automatically unlink and delete unwanted textures and objects
> > without having to shut down and restart Blender to remove them
> solution: don't worry about them. really. it's a feature, and very
> fundamental behavior, not to be changed lightly because of a slightly
> over-zealous cleanliness syndrome.

Also, you don't have to restart Blender... you can just as easily
reload the current file after saving by pressing Ctrl+O -> Enter.

> > Fix <Add Modifier><Array><Fit to Curve Length> so it fits the array
> > number of objects to curve length.
> > Fix <Add Modifier><Curve>  So objects follow the curve, not
> > displace off the end of the curve.
> not sure what you mean here, both work for me. if there is a bug, put
> it in the tracker.

This may be an issue caused by not having center points in the same
place. It can be frustrating if you don't know this.

Hope that helps...


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