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joe joeedh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 03:22:40 CEST 2009

I believe angles are shown only for faces, yes.  improving this will
be possible in the future, after current developments on the mesh
system mature.

Also, all you need to do to get rid of unlinked objects is save/reload
once or twice.  The idea when you unlink something, it's still there
until you save/reload, so you can still recover it.


On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 7:10 PM, bassam <bkurdali at freefactory.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 11:39 +1100, Roger wrote:
>> All or some probably mentioned previously. Please disregard if I've overlapped
>> on someone else's wish list.
>> Add to <Space><Mesh> dropdown  <Add Vert> and <Add Line> so we don't have to add
>> a plane then delete excess verts.
> could be good, could be too much, I'll let others comment on this
>> Point and click LMB to add verts or lines - no extrude. <Enter> key to finish.
> ctrl key already gives this functionality
>> Drag and Drop Textures onto selected verts. Add a texture rearrangement
>> dropdown. Reduce complexity of the
> drag and drop is pretty complex to add, but might be part of 2.5? I'll
> leave it to the devs to answer this one.
>> LMB point and click to add bones instead of extrude.
> again, ctrl click.
>> Auto align bones x,y,z to previous bone to eliminate extraneous or faulty rotations.
> yeah, this is really useful, and afaik there is already a patch in the
> patchtracker to do this (from sparkde's TD I'd love to see it applied to
> trunk)
>> Allow envelopes to be manipulated so they can be pulled to outlying verts  - non
>> cylindrical envelopes.
> not so sure this is really that great, there are python scripts however
> that allow 'baking' mesh envelopes into vertex groups.
>> Select verts and LMB click to attach to selected bone or armature
> eh, you seem to be wanting to add a lot of existing functionality to
> left mouse click? sounds a bit overkill, unless you are shooting for
> some tablet pc type interface.
>> Auto wrinkle mesh at elbow, knee, face, jaw joints according to bone joint
>> placement.
> you are asking for a lot here. better learn to rig than wait for this to
> happen.
>> Fix <Alt R> clear rotation for cylinders so they don't end align to the z axis
>> when most everything else aligns to the x axis.
> so you are saying (in other words) change the default orientation of the
> cylinder primitive. I don't see why this is important, but hey
> (cubes/spheres don't have an 'end' so much, planes align to z, cones
> align to z, circles align to z... etc.
>> Automatically unlink and delete unwanted textures and objects without having to
>> shut down and restart Blender to remove them
> solution: don't worry about them. really. it's a feature, and very
> fundamental behavior, not to be changed lightly because of a slightly
> over-zealous cleanliness syndrome.
>> Fix <Add Modifier><Array><Fit to Curve Length> so it fits the array number of
>> objects to curve length.
>> Fix <Add Modifier><Curve>  So objects follow the curve, not displace off the end
>> of the curve.
> not sure what you mean here, both work for me. if there is a bug, put it
> in the tracker.
>> When Fkey facing a complex mesh automatically set all face normals the same
>> direction (out).
> yeah, would be good.
>> <Mesh Tools More> <Edge Angles> display angles to extruded lines and verts not
>> just within a predefined object.
>> Example: Plane on x,y, shows 90 deg on corners. Extrude a vert out on an angle
>> say 60 up and 2 units out to right, select end vert and adjacent corner vert on
>> the plane and <Fkey> face the 2 verts -- <A> select all will not show angles to
>> the added part unless <Akey> select the 3 verts again and <Fkey> face the 3.
> I don't follow, the example you give seems to be about non filled faces
> not showing angles, but the question is about displaying angles in a
> 'predefined object'... I assume you mean, show angles for unfilled
> faces, sounds logical, but I personally never use this feature, leave it
> to the architects
>> TIA
>> Roger
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