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bassam bkurdali at freefactory.org
Mon Mar 30 03:10:31 CEST 2009

On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 11:39 +1100, Roger wrote:
> All or some probably mentioned previously. Please disregard if I've overlapped
> on someone else's wish list.
> Add to <Space><Mesh> dropdown  <Add Vert> and <Add Line> so we don't have to add
> a plane then delete excess verts.
could be good, could be too much, I'll let others comment on this
> Point and click LMB to add verts or lines - no extrude. <Enter> key to finish.
ctrl key already gives this functionality
> Drag and Drop Textures onto selected verts. Add a texture rearrangement
> dropdown. Reduce complexity of the
drag and drop is pretty complex to add, but might be part of 2.5? I'll
leave it to the devs to answer this one.
> LMB point and click to add bones instead of extrude.
again, ctrl click.
> Auto align bones x,y,z to previous bone to eliminate extraneous or faulty rotations.
yeah, this is really useful, and afaik there is already a patch in the
patchtracker to do this (from sparkde's TD I'd love to see it applied to
> Allow envelopes to be manipulated so they can be pulled to outlying verts  - non 
> cylindrical envelopes.
not so sure this is really that great, there are python scripts however
that allow 'baking' mesh envelopes into vertex groups.
> Select verts and LMB click to attach to selected bone or armature
eh, you seem to be wanting to add a lot of existing functionality to
left mouse click? sounds a bit overkill, unless you are shooting for
some tablet pc type interface.
> Auto wrinkle mesh at elbow, knee, face, jaw joints according to bone joint
> placement.
you are asking for a lot here. better learn to rig than wait for this to
> Fix <Alt R> clear rotation for cylinders so they don't end align to the z axis
> when most everything else aligns to the x axis.
so you are saying (in other words) change the default orientation of the
cylinder primitive. I don't see why this is important, but hey
(cubes/spheres don't have an 'end' so much, planes align to z, cones
align to z, circles align to z... etc.

> Automatically unlink and delete unwanted textures and objects without having to
> shut down and restart Blender to remove them
solution: don't worry about them. really. it's a feature, and very
fundamental behavior, not to be changed lightly because of a slightly
over-zealous cleanliness syndrome.
> Fix <Add Modifier><Array><Fit to Curve Length> so it fits the array number of
> objects to curve length.
> Fix <Add Modifier><Curve>  So objects follow the curve, not displace off the end
> of the curve.
not sure what you mean here, both work for me. if there is a bug, put it
in the tracker.
> When Fkey facing a complex mesh automatically set all face normals the same
> direction (out).
yeah, would be good.
> <Mesh Tools More> <Edge Angles> display angles to extruded lines and verts not 
> just within a predefined object.
> Example: Plane on x,y, shows 90 deg on corners. Extrude a vert out on an angle 
> say 60 up and 2 units out to right, select end vert and adjacent corner vert on 
> the plane and <Fkey> face the 2 verts -- <A> select all will not show angles to 
> the added part unless <Akey> select the 3 verts again and <Fkey> face the 3.
I don't follow, the example you give seems to be about non filled faces
not showing angles, but the question is about displaying angles in a
'predefined object'... I assume you mean, show angles for unfilled
faces, sounds logical, but I personally never use this feature, leave it
to the architects 
> Roger
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