[Bf-funboard] Genetic Algorithm approach

Alain LIORET alainlioret at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 13 19:48:42 CET 2009

Hey, Wonderful !

Have you read my presentation at Blender Conf 2008 ?
(see http://www.blender.org/community/blender-conference/proceedings/ my PDF about :
Alain Lioret: An Artificial Intelligence Nodes module inside Blender for expert modeling, texturing, animating and rendering. 



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> Objet : [Bf-funboard] Genetic Algorithm approach
> See also: http://www.blenderstorm.org/qapoll/ideas/idea/846
> I'm now convinced this is a good place to discuss implementation 
> strategy. If I'm wrong, please direct me.
> I've already started implementation, and hope to finish most of it with 
> little or no disturbance to on-going work.
> I have several critical design decisions already:
> 1) I've already decided to add a new window type, Genetic Algorithm, 
> alongside 3D View, Outliner, etc. I can put in a few weeks here before 
> I need to make any more decisions. I already have the window (with a 
> new icon) in a 2.44 codebase. I plan to switch to the latest 2.50 
> 19272 I just got. Should I just wait till 2.50 is done?
> 2) How to implement a Gene. I think I have this conceptualized well 
> enough. I intend to describe almost all GA types (texture, field, car, 
> town) with a very generic data structure. The idea is that to add a 
> new type, someone should be able to add to an already defined struct 
> ga_types[] list of types without any real code. My question is: would 
> it be acceptable for me to use C++? (I don't mind sticking with C, but 
> want a lot of function pointers.)
> 3) Modifier or Container (the big question). In many ways, it makes 
> sense for a GA to be a modifier to an object; a plane would be modified 
> with a GA/field or a cylinder with a GA/tree. On the other hand, it 
> also makes sense to make a group/container object; when converting a 
> plane to a GA, the GA would generate completely new OBjects to replace 
> the plane; while in progress, the GA would 'contain' the original and 
> all variants, but display only the selected one.
> The modifier approach seems difficult for textures, too. I really 
> don't want the approach to be drastically different between textures & 
> surfaces. My plan for textures was to select one or more objects, then 
> hit a 'Texture with GA' button. Each selected object would be linked 
> to a new texture. A new empty OBject would also be linked to the new 
> texture (other empty OBjects would link to candidate textures). The GA 
> would contain the new empty object(s) and (indirectly) the published 
> texture (and all other candidates).
> I understand that 'contain' is probably a poor description since the 
> database isn't exactly hierarchical. It would be more accurate to say 
> 'reference', but the 'referenced' objects would have their 
> visible/selectable/drawable flags turned off or on by the GA.
> Any preference? Comments?
> 4) (may be a long time off) Whether and how to add button controls. It 
> may be useful to show the actual genes as you work. It would help with 
> debugging, but may also help when you just can't quite get the color or 
> shape you want. Genetic Engineering isn't for the novice, but might 
> speed up the process.
> I didn't plan to submit any code till I had enough done to be useful 
> for texture generation. Would it be better to submit incrementally? 
> Perhaps with #ifdef to keep my window off the window selection menu?
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