[Bf-funboard] 2.50 - Log "events" for a fastest scripting

Mango Jambo moraesjunior at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 15:30:51 CET 2009

I hope to make myself clear and use the right terms, so...

We heard and read about next 2.50 version and mainly about how the end user
will have easy access to blender data (high level). I was wondering if 2.50
could have a log events, so we can see each command we made. So we can see
the "commands", functions ( don't know the right term) and then we can copy
some of it to easily make a script ( like a macro, for example).
A simple example: I could select and object and change a value on some
modifier; Then I can see that command in the log events, select, copy and
paste to a new script, easy like that. Mainly if I don't know coding, but
simple things like that could help a lot! Or even a big commands list.
I don't know if it is already planned to the 2.50 version or something like
that, but I hope so...


Moraes Junior - aka mangojambo
3D Artist Animator
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