[Bf-funboard] Bf-funboard Digest, Vol 59, Issue 2

Willem Verwey willem at 3danim8.net
Wed Jul 8 14:20:00 CEST 2009

Hi Guy's

Sequence editor enhancements.

I'n my job I'm starting to do much more editing work with the sequence 
I sometimes render out diferant layers with alpha channels in order to 
complete a sequence. The problem is when I want to apply a alpha over to 'n 
range of (already inserted) sequences. Would it be posible to incert a 
function so that one could apply a sertain command like cross or alha over 
to a group of sequenses. If could work like this. Select all the sequences 
you want in a group and group them together.

Well hope you guy's think this is functional.


Willem Verwey 

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