[Bf-funboard] sort of UI and tools Animation idea for 2.50

Mango Jambo moraesjunior at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 23:26:30 CET 2009

Sorry to not do a great draw or explained better before .. so I will give a
secon try! :)

Animation could be divide in 4 groups:
- General or Preset Constraints;
- Preset Phisics (it could ;
-  Rigging.



   - Pose Library - It can be set by a character (or a group), and each
   character or group could have categories to get it more organized and with
   the possibility to have simple rendered previews. So, if I have another
   character with the same controllers name, I could set the pose to this
   character, make some adjustments and save a new pose for that. And the
   possibility to blend from pose either. Almost forgot! Imagine the
   possibility to drag and drop to the Action Editor or Dope Sheet!!! Or more,
   drag and drop to another rig in 3dview!!!
   - Controllers Panel - "One place to rule all" ... :) All the access to
   the character rig controllers could be added, enabled and disabled here.
   Like armature layers with names and other controllers that will be on the
   new 3D View panel or stick to the 3D view window (like Parent Constraint to
   Perspective in Maya). So, if there is any controller (hide or not) was made
   to the character, that the place to know, enabling and disabling;
   - Action Library - A good example is Yo Frankie. It has a lot action and
   when I was animating the character, sometimes I take a time to read the
   datablock and find the action I want. The possibility to separate it by
   group and categories with icons like the pose library, could be great! And
   more: the possibility to drag and drop to the dope sheet or action editor,
   like adding those keys to the actual action; drag and drop to do a copy to
   another category (like adding new when an action is selected) or drag and
   drop to a new animation layer;
   - Animation Layers (and anisculpt) - A dream coming true! I now it sounds
   crazy, but imagine the possibility to mix by layers your main action, or and
   NLA sequence (we could make more then one, right ;] ), with another actions,
   shape keys sequence, anisculpt layer ( and possibility to sculpt in a mesh
   rigged), add, mixing, setting weight influence... And more!!! To have more
   then one animation layer laytout, like a library;

 - Every time we see things, animation rig systems, scripts that people
develop to a new project. And for the next, needs to make it again. And it
is always little things that we never thought could be useful if I had it
like an option to fast apply it and animate easily in another way. A good
example is Etch a Ton project! Or now the amazing animato system! But why
not go further and implement new option to animato like:

   - Fast Parent Animation (an easier Parent Constraint for animation) - The
   best example is again that website:
   http://www.paolodominici.com/vid/parent120newfeats.php . You can change
   easily and fast the parent constraint like the movies in the website, not
   worrying about correcting the position (that reminds me traditional IK/FK
   switch). And it could have and unique option in the dopesheet, for example
   Rotation option is there and have X Y Z sub-options. Fast Paernt Animation
   could have keys, with it sub-options the parent that we set while animating
   and not mixed with the others constraints like the old version 2.48a. ;)
   - Rotation Hook - There is today a really good script for that and I use
   it in my character reegie's foot. But it need to set up in the rig and
   sometimes, we want a fast nice rotation, like the pivot was far away from
   the object. Imagine an IK hand system (that you made from Etch a ton) and
   you need to rotate only the forearm. It is and FK animation, pratically
   impossible to do it using IK rig and getting nice results without
   correction; Just click on IK hand controller, enable the Rotation Hook in
   the new General Animation panel, move it to the elbow and rotate: the hand
   controller will easilly follow the rotation, but not the hook translation.
   Or rotation a character fighting, jumping, etc. There is a LOT ways to use
   it.And it could be not an empty, but something you can enable and disable
   from the new panel;
   - Preset Deformers: I need to use it on Maya and was pretty fast to do.
   So I was wondering it on Blender too. But I realize it is sort of already on
   Blender: the Simple Deform Modifier, for example. But a mix like curve
   deform eith the bend from Simple Deform, could be great. It sounds a little
   bit like Etch a ton, but with Modifiers and Deforms. ( something like that,
   I don't know... help me to get a nicer idea, cause I know we have those
   things, but I think it just could be a little bit different to be better);
   - Other people sugest for animation: I don't know... something you know
   is really useful to you and make your animation job get really fast, tell
   us. (I don't know why I said "us", I am not a developer! lol)

- Something like presets Particles (explosions, water, etc), Hairs, furs and
clothes. Thinking better it could be in the General panels, I don't know.

- Aramatures settings with the new option to have different manipulators for
each controller;
- Etch a ton tools;
- Etch a ton Library.

Has you can see, all my points here is more about animation, and character
animation.I know I am not 100% right and could be better ways to do
something ( tell me), but for now, that is a good ( or best) way to imagine
a new animation pipeline for Blender, IMHO.

Now I hope make myself clear, and not the last mess I send to you! :)


Moraes Junior - aka mangojambo
3D Artist Animator

2009/2/26 bassam <bkurdali at freefactory.org>

> Really interesting stuff!
> On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 13:32 -0300, Mango Jambo wrote:
> > Hi...
> >
> > I haven't much time, so I made it really fast and roughly, just
> > thinking about things could speed the animation job.
> > In Maya there is a lot options, but a LOT not default, only by
> > scripts.. and that sucks, 'cause if there is an usefull tools, why not
> > implement it??? Like pose library. Blender has one by default. Things
> > like that made me think about tools could be really usefull to have,
> > and the way it will be organized ... how we are keeping the horizontal
> > panel button, so, let's use it more for animation too ...
> >
> > here is and initial idea:
> > http://img4.imageshack.us/my.php?image=drawing.png
> >
> > how I said, it id just a roughly idea. Probably (and I know) there is
> > a lot mistakes there, but I think you will get the point with that!!
> >
> > One of the features in the picture is it:
> > http://www.paolodominici.com/vid/parent120newfeats.php ... amazingly
> > usefull ...
> >
> >
> > Cheers!!
> >
> >
> >
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