[Bf-funboard] sort of UI and tools Animation idea for 2.50

Leandro Inocencio cesio.arg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 20:36:48 CET 2009

El jue, 26-02-2009 a las 13:32 -0300, Mango Jambo escribió:
> Hi...
> I haven't much time, so I made it really fast and roughly, just
> thinking about things could speed the animation job.
> In Maya there is a lot options, but a LOT not default, only by
> scripts.. and that sucks, 'cause if there is an usefull tools, why not
> implement it??? Like pose library. Blender has one by default. Things
> like that made me think about tools could be really usefull to have,
> and the way it will be organized ... how we are keeping the horizontal
> panel button, so, let's use it more for animation too ...
> here is and initial idea:
> http://img4.imageshack.us/my.php?image=drawing.png

tumbs for poselib are good.

> how I said, it id just a roughly idea. Probably (and I know) there is
> a lot mistakes there, but I think you will get the point with that!!
> One of the features in the picture is it:
> http://www.paolodominici.com/vid/parent120newfeats.php ... amazingly
> usefull ...
> Cheers!!

Here my proposal:


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