[Bf-funboard] Protocol: How Threading Works

Tony Mullen tony.mullen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 12:43:08 CET 2009


> Please, please, PLEASE don't start new threads (e-mails), but use the
> reply button in your favorite email client. It gets really annoying to
> see tens of different threads being spawned for this topic. There's no
> need for that.

This comment seemed to be directed at me. I get these mails in a
digest which may contain multiple thread topics in a single mail, so
I'm not sure how using reply is supposed to automatically organize
threading. I assumed threading was based on the subject line, which I
thought I had cut and pasted from other messages.

My own pet peeve happens to be when people press the reply button in
their client and send duplicates of the entire previous mail thread
with every single message.

If people must use reply, then I'd ask that they please remember to
first delete the contents of the mail that they won't be responding to


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