[Bf-funboard] Mouse versus hot keys

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Thu Feb 19 01:20:51 CET 2009

> - It also could work this way:
>   You have a 3D-Viewport and an Image Browser on your screen. Now just take
>   the right thumbnail and throw it onto the object in the viewport to assign it.
>   If you move the thumbnail over an object, this could turn to turn to
> violett (similar to inserting loops)
>   and you confirm the operation by just releasing the mouse button.
>   If the object had no material before, it could have become one automatically.
> IMHO the second way is more intuitive for beginners and even faster
> for professionals.
> Karl
Thank you Karl
Your example is what I would like to think the discussion is really about.
Doing 'some' things another way without changing the world.
Extending the dream further,.
While dropping a texture onto a group of selected verts instead of the whole 
object as discussed in Joe's email, next step, could be to have ability to drop 
  several textures, in preferred order, onto a selected vert group/s.

This then, ideally produces a node layout view or some other view? in which each 
texture can be fine tuned just by clicking on its node editor.
All the texture nodes for a vert selection could be visible simultaneously.
Maybe this is already in place, I'm just now exploring nodes and the like so if 
I'm off centre, please just ignore the email.
Probably quite impractical but it is fun to dream.

We, the user base, can't know nor understand what the Devs are thinking, what 
their problems are or how long dreams take to eventuate,however, I for one am 
very grateful to have the opportunity to input.

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