[Bf-funboard] Mouse versus hot keys

Karl Kühberger karl.kuehberger at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 20:18:42 CET 2009

Yes, of course! And "professional" Blender users forget often
about this. But if Blender should become more widely used,
it should become "a little more" user-friendly.

Mostly "beginner friendly" should not mean "slower for advanced users".
And the usage of shortcuts is NOT always faster then a more graphical
way or the usage of the mouse.

I will try to show up this using the example of assigning an image
texture to an object:

- In Blender we have to select the object with RMB, than in F5 press
  "ADD NEW", then in the Texture buttons press "ADD NEW" again,
  then select texture type "Image", then press "LOAD" and finally select
  the right image file.

- It also could work this way:
  You have a 3D-Viewport and an Image Browser on your screen. Now just take
  the right thumbnail and throw it onto the object in the viewport to assign it.
  If you move the thumbnail over an object, this could turn to turn to
violett (similar to inserting loops)
  and you confirm the operation by just releasing the mouse button.
  If the object had no material before, it could have become one automatically.

IMHO the second way is more intuitive for beginners and even faster
for professionals.


2009/2/18 Robert Wenzlaff (AB8TD) <rwenzlaff at soylent-green.com>:
> On Wednesday 18 February 2009 01:13, joe wrote:
>> Besides, saying that "new students can't grow" into blender because
>> they need a keyboard is kindof silly.
> We were all new students of Blender at some point.  Have none of us grown?
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