[Bf-funboard] from Blender to Maya - little "review"

bassam bkurdali at freefactory.org
Wed Feb 18 02:54:02 CET 2009

> Today we have one global option that we can change the manipulator
> orientation. WIth an addition like that, local configurations for each
> controllers, we could have, for example, Global translate and
> Normal(or Local) rotate in a bone controller. Either with Combo
> enabled. And Holding CTRL could switch fast between Global and
> Normal/Local. Pretty fast to animate using manipulators like this!
> Almost the same way like "holding SHIFT" + LMB click on and Translate
> Axis. If we release Shift key and press again while translating, now
> it will smooth the translation.
not sure I understand the hotkey usage; I suspect something is getting
lost in my reading.
But I do think you mean having per object/per bone settings for
local/normal/global. I think that would be great for rigging- I don't
want to ramble on, just clarifying if that's what you mean, and if so,
hell yes.
Other argument for per bone/per object settings.
(in the case of bones) if you lock transforms, the manipulators are just
totally wrong if you are not in normal mode. why not switch that bone to
normal mode (by default) if it has locks? you can still access
global/local, but of course they will not work too well.

another idea is to honor the locks as transform constraints by default
transform (an extension of dropping from e.g. translate to rotate if the
bone cannot translate). this would make tweak dragging really nice for
posing well designed rigs (currently you can get 'lock' if the the
transform locks are not matched up with the view axis- dropping down to
normal per bone, and further honoring the locks as cosntraints could
make it nice)
I made a document not long ago with some thoughts about transform.. I'll
see if I can find it and post it.

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