[Bf-funboard] from Blender to Maya - little "review"

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2009/2/16 joe <joeedh at gmail.com>

> Comments interspersed below.
>  Heh I just wish when you try to left click on an axis and just barely
> miss, that it wouldn't trackball.  I've not really used middle mouse
> with the manipulator in maya like that, it sounds like a much better
> workflow then what I've been doing.

With MMB you don't need to aim a manipulator axis, you just click. Pretty
fast when you have it already selected.

 Ah, so have default transform space settings for every bone/object?
> That's a good idea.

Today we have one global option that we can change the manipulator
orientation. WIth an addition like that, local configurations for each
controllers, we could have, for example, Global translate and Normal(or
Local) rotate in a bone controller. Either with Combo enabled. And Holding
CTRL could switch fast between Global and Normal/Local. Pretty fast to
animate using manipulators like this! Almost the same way like "holding
SHIFT" + LMB click on and Translate Axis. If we release Shift key and press
again while translating, now it will smooth the translation.
Other thing about manipulators is: do you think the manipulators lines are
too thick?  It could be thinner to not distract like what is right now
(mainly rotation).

> What does parent by perspective mean?

Parenting to perspective means the object will follow the perspective view.
Good for panels like IK/FK switchers, facial controllers, etc... We normally
make it above the character. Following the perspective could be amazing! And
to have the possibility to un/hide too!
On Maya go to the Outliner and select persp, Ctrl select the facila group,
for example. Go to menu Constraint > Parent. That is it! You got the idea!



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