[Bf-funboard] Mouse versus hot keys

joe joeedh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 10:35:22 CET 2009

This sounds like the age-old argument.

Basically, blender's UI is designed to be fast to use, at the expense
of easy to learn.  Part of the goals of the 2.5 project is to
introduce more modern UI concepts, that will make blender easier to
learn and more intuitive, while still being fast to use (most obvious
thing you can do that comes to mind is marking/pie menus, but there's
plenty of other improvements that can be made).

This is the major obstacle people have; they think blender's UI is
hard to use, because it's not intuitive to learn.  Hopefully that part
of the 2.5 project will succeed and result in a more intuitive design,
without sacrificing the fast workflow.

I think that's the most compact explanation I've given of this yet :)


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