[Bf-funboard] from Blender to Maya - little "review"

Leandro Inocencio cesio.arg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 21:42:22 CET 2009

El lun, 16-02-2009 a las 14:20 -0300, Mango Jambo escribió:
> That is the fifth time I'd start to write this mail. I don't want to
> looks like a troll or something. I just want you people understand
> what I felt using only Blender since almost 10 years ago and needs now
> to animate on Maya. I learned the essential about Maya to work with
> animation on it. I don't know to model and a lot of things, so I can
> make mistakes on my humble features review. I will try to summarize
> this time:

>     - Focus on Dope Sheet and Graph Editor: If I closed the file
> working on frames 5000 to 5100 and open the day after, it will open on
> frames 0-100 for example. So I need to focus the window to the frames
> I was working again, selecting a controller on dope sheet and pressing
> F. Same to Graph Editor, but selecting a controller on View Port and F
> again. After all of it, I will be ready to start my job! In Blender I
> just need open and start to work from the last time I was from each
> file.
I agree. CTRL+O, ENTER (wait miliseconds) and continue working in the
same place.

> - Animating:
>     - Graph Editor and Dope Sheet: man, you don't know how I miss the
> possibility to change the time on they and not only in the time slider
> (too much counter-produce)... or use the arrows to go to another frame
> (Alt+< or > on Maya... previous and next frames). < and > is the Ctrl
> +PgUp and PgDn on Blender;
I think maya shortcut are better, except for the previos/next frame
In maya, when you drag in timeline with MMB, can change the time but
can't change poses/values. When relase MMB press key S, this puts keys
in new place of timeline.  

>     - Graph Editor: I like it. Like the new Blender 2.50. I only miss
> the T (Time Slide) function from Blender (probably Maya has it and I
> don't know) ;
>     - Dope Sheet: Blender 10 X Maya 0! It is a mess in Maya!
> Unbelievable! When I select a bone controller in Blender, the Action
> Editor (or Dope Sheet) will highlight it! And I can organize it by
> groups, colors, and adjust each controller position. Not in Maya. 
> In Blender I can easily select and DUPLICATE (grabbing) the keys. That
> makes the job really fast! In Maya I need to select the keys > Edit >
> Copy > change the time on the TIME SLIDER > Dope Sheet Edit menu >
> Paste on Dope sheet again! And they keys or controllers on dope sheet
> needs to be selected, or else won't works! Blender, Shift+D!!
yeah, Dope Sheet in maya are a really mess. Aligorith works very well in
keyframing tools.

>     - Clips: I don't know if I am saying stupid things here, because
> this is THE MAYA! The number one on CG industry! I just want to
> remember you it is my humble impressions about the pipeline on it,
> based on my little knowledge about it. Clips are a mess to work. If
> you want to import from another file, you need to export the clip
> before to a .ma file, and then import it. Same to any object! In
> Blender you can Append it easily from any .blend file. And you can
> keep Actions easily in one file. A good example is you are animating
> and need to test a move but not miss your Action. Just click on Add
> new Action and it will duplicate the action. Simple like that! And
> safe!
yea, Blender is better than maya when you link or append, more smart.
>         - Trackball: there is no trackball on Blender manipulators,
> only by the hotkey RR. In Maya, you can Ctrl+LMB to (un)select an axis
> and when MMB will not move on that axis. Same has Blender with Shift
> +LMB, but Maya fix it until you change it;
We need a widget for trackball in blender manipulator. RR trackball
works like turneable option in 3d view.

>         - Blender has smooth rotation, holding Shift. Maya not (at
> least, I don't know how). Other thing is pretty good is the Combo
> manipulator. To much for me, but my Maya friends told me that is an
> amazing idea. Not possible with Maya because the MMB one each time;
>         - When you are using the Rotation manipulator you can't select
> a controller that is in the same area of the manipulator. So you need
> to click outside and then select OR Q to select and E to enable the
> manipulator again; With Blender it could be easiest, because RMB you
> select and LMB could be the Trackball like Maya;
Other mess in maya.

>     - AutoKey: Maya set keys only in what you change, like rotating on
> local Z axis. I thing it is pretty good and smart. I miss that on
> Blender. And clearing transformations set keys automatically too.
> Blender could have an option to set up like it too (auto-keying or not
> the clearing), 'cause mostly we want to clear and have it set up
> automatically and sometimes we want to clear to get easily to another
> position;

> There is other things I'd like to see in Blender, like Anisculpt
> working like a modifier with armature, or an armature modifier option.
> A light sculpt mode, like Zbrush. But you, know, it is just a simple
> feature requests.
All love anisculp!
> Sorry if I said something wrong about Maya or Blender, but like all
> reviews, none is perfect! It is all about the author knowledge and
> vision. :) 
> I hope this words could be usefull to someone.
> Cheers.

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