[Bf-funboard] Mouse versus hot keys

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Mon Feb 16 23:13:09 CET 2009

How the process can be fluid and simplified once all cameras are positioned.
click means Left Click.

2 clicks for 2 operations:
click on camera = Camera view, and/or click Render ( button or tab in the camera
view) to see result.

1 Click on camera =  Render window closes, Camera view closes, camera wire turns
grey (becomes unobtrusive, reduces the visible meshes), return control to 3d mode.

1. Right Click on camera to turn to object mode.
2. Take both hands off the mouse.
3&4. 2 keypress Ctrl and then 0 = camera view (requires both hands)
5. Put hand back on mouse
6. Move mouse pointer off the 3d modeling view,
7. Left Click  on Render or
7a, find the Render hot key
7b. press ( I dont know this one) to see result in render window
8. ESC key or Left click on x to close render window - be careful not to shut
down blender.
9. Num pad 7,3 or 1 to return to 3d mode if in camera view.
10. If you have the 3d model window rotated slightly I find no way to return to that
3d view, the choices are numpad 1,3 or 7 then
11.  Right hold - rotate the 3d model back to where I had it.
So many variations of keypresses and mouse clicks and holds to perform 2 simple
All that to render a quick view can be improved I think.

Man!, If I could do a view and render in 2 clicks then close, returning to 3d
window without leaving the mouse it would be for me, both faster , (couple of
seconds) and easier as in click click.

Hope this helps

I am wondering if I can send jpeg attachments showing a screen shot of any
proposals we make - or should I put these on a web page and give the address in
an email.
Willem Verwey wrote:
> Hi there
> Well I really cant see the point. You still need to select the camera and
> switch it on or off. What is the easier than selecting the camera and press
> [Cnr + 0]
> To me everything in Blender is relative to ease of operation and speed. I
> cannot see how this function could help you making it faster and hence
> easier.
> Maybe you want to explain it a bit more in dept.
> Well that is my views.
> Regards
> Willem
>> In Blender 2.5 can we have a light switch.
>> So that individual lights can be switched of or on at will.
>> When switched off the wire mesh turns light grey.
>> I usually have 2,3,4 cameras in a scene to check renderings from various
>> angles
>> and altitudes.
>> It would be great also if cameras could be turned off and on also.
>> Only the switched on camera renders without the need to select the camera
>> then<CTRL 0> to render that view.
>> TIA
>> Roger

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