[Bf-funboard] Edit mode to Object mode switching

Roland Hess rolandh at reed-witting.com
Mon Feb 2 14:13:31 CET 2009

Okay, this is the only good point on the "pro double click" side I've 
seen so far in the whole discussion:
> Eventually Blender work will be mostly graphics tablet and stylus which will 
> make it either way ahead of proprietary applications or way behind if they do it 
> first. Then it will have to be point and tap, no more moving to the edge to select 
> menus. dialogs, etc or hot keys.
With this in mind, though, I still don't think double click for anything 
in production is good. As a professional graphics app user of many years 
(like, 15), I can tell you that none of the major apps I use for 
production work use the double-click. If we're going to start thinking 
about people using a pen tablet (or tablet pc) exclusively, though, 
we're going to need to revisit the interaction paradigm altogether. How 
best to work with a tablet? How are other apps doing it? Where do they 
fail and where do they succeed? Maybe it will turn out that double-click 
(or double-tap?) is one solution in that toolbox.

What's nice is that the current event refactor will allow us to create a 
really optimized experience for people who use the traditional method 
(keyboard+mouse), as well as one for people who want to work exclusively 
with a tablet. Also, it's one of the reasons that something like my 
interface tools proposal should see some light before work begins on 
that side of things -- we need to open up interface configuration and 
design in a practical way to the user community, and not just to coders. 
I'm not suggesting that any wanker who downloads Blender should be able 
to hack the interface right away -- but it needs to be accessible for 
experienced users who know how they work and want to bend the UI to 
their will.

Speaking of which, I just realized that I ought to post that whole thing 
here, so, coming soon...

Roland Hess

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