[Bf-funboard] Edit mode to Object mode switching

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Mon Feb 2 10:23:10 CET 2009

GSR wrote:
>>> Double clicking to toggle editmode looks convenient, but might also
>>> backfire and be annoying?
>>> Say you apply this to mesh edit, ipo's, sequencer metastrips... When
>>> placing the 3d cursor or playhead its possible your clicks could be
>>> interpreted as changing editmode... practically not sure how much this
>>> would happen though.
>> If that's a problem, the instead of double click make it
>> CTRL-double-click (or some other meta-key combination). 

I think its going too far to apply a simple double click to a range of tasks.
I think that mesh/objectmodeling, as in creating a model prior to animation can
safely be considered as a single task particularly for those many of us who
don't really need ipo's, sequencers and the like.

Golly my daughter and I have been modeling in Blender for many years and never
had to animate until now, because she wants an Osserey ( a representation of
suns, planets and moons swirling within a sphere for her story.
   Flash has the facility, double click to open a group or single item and click
anywhere in the window to close, its not a new thing.

Definitely not CTRL double click for mesh modeling.
Why compound a problem, when all is needed is to quickly create that which we
Mesh modeling is a state of mind and an ability all on its own.

I agree that the UI people need to establish and maintain consistency  but
modeling is what we do then we stop and swap mind set to look at the menu
structure, tabs or hot keys on the keyboard to achieve a simple mode change.

Anyway them's my thoughts

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