[Bf-funboard] Redundant UV images

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Thu Nov 27 00:40:16 CET 2008

It is very difficult to permanently remove unwanted and unused images from the 
UV editor.
Often I do trial image testing for look and feel in both <F12> render mode and 
<P> game mode and can have 10-20 trial materials and textures on selection, some 
slight variations on a theme.

In the <Outliner> <OOPS Schematic> it displays empty image blocks which may or 
may no be removed after saving, shutting down and restarting, which is very 
unusual and interrupts the thought process while developing models.

Similarly it is very difficult to remove trial and or redundant materials from 
the material datablock, these have to be unlinked from <Links and Materials>, 
then in Materials each redundant material has to be separately selected, made 
single user, deleted, Saved, shutdown, restarted, and the whole process repeated 
for those that did not delete.
Very messy process that could be considerably cleaned up.

Can the X button next to the uv image title  be programmed to be used to 
permanently delete the selected and highlighted image from the datablock.
Can the X in the<Link To Object><Material> simply delete the selected material 
from the data block instead of only unlinking.

Both of these would make the OOPS view clearer and cleaner.

Many thanks for my favorite 3D software, your work is greatly appreciated.

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