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On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 12:44 PM, Davide Vercelli
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> Is this mouse button thing *that* confusing? I mean, it seems like
> it's just something you have to know when starting, and then you
> quickly get used to it.
> Maybe a welcome message like this could do wonders: "Welcome, this is
> Blender. Look, mouse selection works *the other way round*. And press
> space for a comprehensive menu. Have fun!"
Add "Use your Right Clicks for the good ;)"

Agreed 100%. :)

When i first opened Blender and figured where the settings are, the
first thing i
did was change the defaults and get back to my `universal paradigm` coming from
what i was taught in school (max and maya) *but that didn't last
long*. I changed it
back slowly and steadily as i used Blender and realized that I finally
ended up with
pretty much the settings that Blender ships with :)  I feel i'll never
look back.
Blender's right click selection is the most efficient and ergonomic
way of selection
i've found in a *3d* app. There's no question of "Universal" when
you're better ;)

The only problem that one might face (IMO) is with swapping applications pretty
frequently for whatever reason. Like you're working [yourFave3DApp #] for an
hour -> need Blender -> Need [yourFave3DApp #] again and some such workflow.
But then swapping defaults won't solve that issue if look at it a bit carefully!
[try that kind of swapping between max and maya without getting annoyed
changing settings/preferences!! both being from the same vendor even!!]
Moreover, IMHO, a person who needs to swap tools like that should be capable
enough to adapt to them!

Linking the issue of "newbie" with non-"universal paradigm" is pretty
unnecessary IMO.
I might sound biased here but I am not defending things that need to
be improved,
like there could definitely be a better defaults file showing
Blender's awesome new
features, start-up tips to make the start really easy and efficient
for *anyone*, the
quick-start guide (could be much better)

# Just in case its not Blender ;)

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