[Bf-funboard] Hair selection tools

Tony Mullen tony.mullen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 13:48:03 CET 2008


I've been working a fair amount with the new hair particles lately and
I've come up with a few small modifications that I think would be
great to see, mainly concerned with selecting the hairs.

--I'd like to be able to invert the selection, and there doesn't seem
to be any way to do this. There's no invert option in the Select menu,
and I haven't stumbled on any hotkey for it.

--At present the only way to select multiple whole strands seems to be
to hold down the L key and mouseover multiple strands. This is good to
have, but actually you need to touch the strand you want to select
with the mouse pointer itself: there's no circle select/box select
with this approach. Another small problem with this is that it only
selects one hair if several are sharing the same location. I think it
would be nice to be able to select hairs in tip select mode and then
go into segment edit mode and have all the segments of the strands
automatically selected. At present if you go from tip select mode into
segment select mode, the segments all remain unselected even on
selected hairs.

--It would be cool to be able to select hairs at the root somehow.
Basically just the inverse of tip select, with the option to select
full hairs (all segment) as I mentioned in the previous suggestion.

--Also, the recent comments about edge groups/face groups made me
think that actually hair selection by face group would be really cool.

If any of these things can already be done please let me know!


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