[Bf-funboard] Weight painting in current pose

Arne Schmitz arne.schmitz at gmx.net
Fri Feb 1 14:36:06 CET 2008

In oder to animate a human 3d mesh with motion capture data I have to 
solve the following problem: Given a human mesh and the skeleton 
structure of the mocap data loaded as an armature. a) To assign bone 
weights to each vertex I first have to fit/pose the bones of the 
armature correctly into the 3d mesh. b) Then, after assigning the 
weights, I have to deform the skeleton and the mesh back to the original 
rest pose of the input skeleton from the mocap data for proper animation.

I would like to do the skeleton deformation in the "pose mode" rather 
than the "edit mode", since then i can easily save the original pose 
before step a) and copy the whole pose in order to solve step b). The 
weight painting however works on the "rest pose" and not on the current 
pose, so as far as I understand I would have to make the current pose 
(after step a) temporarily the rest pose and then do the painting.

So, to summarize: I would like to have the weight paint also in the current 
pose, and not only in the rest pose.



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