[Bf-funboard] Suggestion: Mesh nodes

Leandro Inocencio cesio.arg at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 00:55:58 CET 2008

This is a peach commit,


here is a refactor doc for the actual modifier stack for cleanup.


El sáb, 27-12-2008 a las 23:39 +0000, Michael Crawford escribió:
> On Dec 27, 2008, at 11:24 PM, bassam wrote:
> > This is something the devs (ton/aligorith/artificer/others) have  
> > talked
> > about before. I agree it would rock ), but requires 2.5 work to
> > stabilize to give the right framework, and to leave time for such a
> > project.
> > Ton even spoke of nodal constraints (which has some distinct
> > possibilities) as being an easier task. He also mentioned that nodal
> > modifiers would possibly work only on the 'deformers' i.e. modifiers
> > that don't generate new geometry.
> The same limitation applies in Maya (you can do it, but it won't  
> work... if you blend shape A to shape B and the vertex numbers don't  
> match, you get unpredictable results).  Perhaps there could be a  
> "nodes" modifier (that could then be edited) to insert into the  
> existing node stack to get around this limitation.  That could provide  
> a nice hybrid of nodes on top of the existing system.
> It's great to hear that it's being considered at all, though.  I've  
> been waiting a long time for that feature.
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