[Bf-funboard] Accidentally Quit!!

Mango Jambo moraesjunior at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 12:57:19 CET 2008

Hi all...
I am aways saving. We know bad thnigs could happen, so to save all the time
is a good habit. And we start to do it really fast!
The problem is the Ctrl+W (Save) is really close to Ctrl+Q (Quit). I mean,
that is not the problem, but if the quit had an option asking you before
quit without saving, could be GREAT!!!
I think is good to quit fast, but I preffer a safe quit then fast, like:

Ctrl+Q: (saved)
- Ok

Ctrl+Q: (not saved)
- Cancel (Default one)
- Save and Quit
- Quit Without Saving

I don't know, but it looks to be easy to do and will save us from
accidentally quit!
What do you think?



Moraes Junior - aka mangojambo
3D Artist Animator
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