[Bf-funboard] Scene states

Sangwoo Hong sahngwoo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 21:52:34 CET 2007

Yeah, it gets you half way there but it can't do the most critical thing
when it comes to scene states which is switching material assignments
between states.  When I render a shadow pass I want a black and white
material over everything in the scene while for diffuse every object will
most likely have its own material applied and so on and so forth.  (Come to
think of it, it's not possible to apply materials recursively over multiple
objects in Blender either, at least not to my knowledge.)

I suppose one could write a python script that traverses objects in the
scene and records their material bindings and other pertinent information to
an internal text file and then reads that text file back and applies those
settings back on to said objects.  This could apply to all sorts of settings

Now if I could only find the time... :p

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