[Bf-funboard] Nameable layers and a layer manager?

Sangwoo Hong sahngwoo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 19:49:38 CET 2007

Cool.  It's here:


Pretty cool.  I guess it's still a work in progress but a mighty fine one.
Limit on the number of layers is a bummer but I guess 20 layers should
suffice for most purposes.

The other thing I notices was that visibility behaves like the current layer
system meaning you shift select to turn on visibility instead of visibility
being independent per layer.  Independent visibility per layer with a button
that turns all on or off is probably the better way to go IMHO.

Do you know if this is something that's slated to go in to the release
version at some point?


On 10/31/07, Tom M <letterrip at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is a patch in the tracker and builds at one of the common builds
> sites that has a named layers patch integrated, you might give it a
> try.
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