[Bf-funboard] Scene states

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 19:39:33 CET 2007

--- Sangwoo Hong <sahngwoo at gmail.com> wrote:

> The feature in question here is the "scene state"
> feature which I guess was
> around for a while now.  Often at work I must have
> multiple versions of the
> same file that I use to generate shadows, FX
> channels, multiple layers,
> etc.  Using scene states, I now keep all these
> different states the scene
> needs to be in a single file and can switch between
> them pretty seamlessly
> without managing layers and object visibility by
> hand every time and even
> saves me from changing environmental settings that
> has to be switched every
> time I want to render out different things.  It
> saves time, confusion, and
> disk space all at the same time.

You can probably achieve quite a bit of that using
Screens and Scenes with set.

Screens you can use to "save" workspace layout.

Scenes: Say you want to quickly switch between
different Scene settings (OSA, renderlayers, ...).
First, you create a new empty scene and use your full
fledged scene (the one you want to render) as a Set
(Scene Output panel, the little dropdown selector just
over Backbuf). This basically links all the object
data from the "set" scene into the current scene. You
can even use this to setup different cameras, lights,


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