[Bf-funboard] Named Layer Feature

Doug Ollivier doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Fri Oct 12 15:19:09 CEST 2007

Robert Wenzlaff (AB8TD) wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 October 2007 17:20, David Bryant wrote:
>>  My name is David Bryant and I've coded a new patch that enables Blender
>> users to name or label scene layers.If there are some that have used the
>> patch in their builds,I would like to get some feedback on it.The patch has
>> been submitted to the patch tracker on page 4.
> Named layers, while useful, are typically resisted by the development team.  
> Not because they aren't useful, but because they want to develop a 
> complete "layer management system" and don't want 20-30 piecemail additions 
> that they have to emulate/incorporate into the new system.
In terms of proposals (and no coding work) I wrote a something a while 
ago containing an outline for a layers system that adds the features of 
2D hierarchical layer managers (the standards) and the innovative 
keyboard accessible layer system of Blender.

Blenders current layer system is increadibly useful while being very 
simple.  Any new system needs to be thoughroughly thought through to 
maintain this simplicity and accessibility (by default) but offer 
extended features for those wishing to edit them.   Blender is currently 
1 click/press layer setup, meaning by default a new system would need to 
be as fast (i.e. naming is not by default, but a keyboard shortcut is)

I feel that layer naming is a safe feature to add, I don't see it as a 
step that will take us away from a positive goal.  How this is managed 
in the Blender file itself that needs to be approved IMO.


Doug Ollivier

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