[Bf-funboard] Named Layers

David Bryant aceone at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 12 05:26:24 CEST 2007

Sorry,about how the messages come out.This is the only way I'm used to 
sending email.
How must it send it?

But, as far as my layer system is concerned.It's already is capable of 
labeling all bone layers and scene layers.
Also, my layer system UI at present can even switch layers in edit mode.
My ultimate goal is to intergrate the render layers UI,get rid of the little 
buttons and be able to dynamically allocate
layers as needed be it 4 or 40 with labeling capacity with buttons to switch 
I'm eventually going to intergrate the DRAW layer UI into the system (draw 
All of this will take time.My patch is a preliminary start.Just as Blender 
has evolved over time,my layer system will
evolve as well over time.Also, at present, the layer names can be saved in 
.blend files.
The UI most likely will change in appearance but, at present I'm presently 
working to tie scene layers into the

Actually,I am reverse engineering Blender to intergrate a pro layer system. 
I need it personally anyway for work.
I've used every package you can name (even Animation Master) and it a neat 

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