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doug doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Thu Mar 29 00:21:14 CEST 2007

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  Campbell Barton wrote:
  > Its always irritated me how blender has 2 popups for adding a Grid, or

  > UVsphere.
  > so today I made the values display in the 1 popup. - use
  > do_clever_numbuts function, not very hard.
  > Was thinking some other options could be useful too.
  > Have an "Cap Ends" option for cylinder and remove "Tube" from the
  > Add "Radius" option for Circle, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone..
  > Add Height for Cylinder, Cone..
  > And add W/H options for grid.
  > As long as each popup has no more then 5 options I think this wont
  > confuse people too much and is worth doing.
  > - Cam
  I think this is a great idea, personally.

An interactive preview of the item being added would be fantastic too (a small 3d window in the pop-up).  the interactive preview could infact be an input as well. i.e. draggin upwards on a UV sphere will add rings. and dragging to the right will add segments.  text inputs are often fairly disjointed from the users 'intention'  which is why i would favour also adding a preview.  

It sounds like a great idea making it a single popup with options though. 

Doug Ollivier

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