[Bf-funboard] Patch: A tiny bit of Layer manager

Jason van Gumster flaw at misaligned.net
Sun Mar 25 08:42:02 CEST 2007

Campbell Barton <cbarton at metavr.com> wrote:

> Jason van Gumster wrote:
> > Campbell Barton <cbarton at metavr.com> wrote:
> > 
> >> Agree, for use of Dot and Pink
> >>
> >> even if dots are used for render layers, I think the context is 
> >> different enough for it not to be such a usability issue.
> >>
> >> The dots/colors will also make sense as the user adds & selects
> >> objects.
> > 
> > I, too, like the idea of dot, but I think we should be careful here
> > and perhaps err on the side of consistency.  We have dots for
> > Render Layers and dots for Armature Layers and with dots in regular
> > layers, we'll have 3 layer systems using dots as visual cues for 3
> > different things. This is a problem that we really ought to avoid,
> > IMO.
> > 
> >   -Fweeb
> Do the dots in armature layers mean anything?

I recall this being explained in either the wiki or the release notes
for the 2.41 (I believe... might've been 2.42) release.  I'm having
difficulties loading pages from blender.org right now so I can't check
up on that, but I'm pretty sure that's the case.  When I can access the
site better, I'll try and link to it.

> If we want to be so picky about using dots for different meanings -
> Why not discuss the validity of using Dots in the Compositor or
> Armature layers for different things?

I was.  The thrust of what I was getting at was that we should, BEFORE
adding dots to the layers (an undeniably good idea, as I pointed out),
look at what we're currently using the same visual cue for and either
modify that cue in it's current usage or modify it in the new feature.
Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing dots in all layer instances
(regular, render, and armature) used to indicate that there are objects
in that layer.  That would be consistent.  But then we'd have to come
up with a new visual cue for what those dots are currently being used

My apologies for not communicating that more clearly.

> Dots in layers would give very useful feedback to the user and be
> great when opening old or other peoples blend files, saving you the
> bother of looking through layers or alternately enabling all and
> having to check for a free layer.

I've never disputed this.

  --Fweeb (or Groo, your choice ;)

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