[Bf-funboard] Patch: A tiny bit of Layer manager

Doug Ollivier doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Fri Mar 23 22:51:02 CET 2007

>> I would like to note that this concept was demonstrated in a layer
>> management proposal on this mailing list not long ago. Just giving
>> credit where credit is due (to the best of my knowledge).
> There's of course nothing wrong with that. However, this concept is at 
> least
> 2 years old as it was already part of the first version of
> instinctive-blender's Layer manager as announced on Newsforge back 
> then...
Sorry wasn't trying to not credit you when putting the layer managers 
proposal up.  In fact it makes me happy that development and ideas are 
the same from many people.

The Dot graphic showing contents of a layer I think is fairly important 
(Colours can be added behind a dot later anyway). however it would be 
great to re-assess the icons at some stage.  as my first proposal had a 
dot, which with other information needing to be passed became very 
complex very quickly.

The second proposal is here. 

The ideas which I think I added to the discussion are how the icons of 
the layers are displayed to show different layer types (contents, empty, 
hotkey..... the icons down the side of page 3 - Top to bottom the icons 
went "Sub-layer" "Layer" "Layer with Keyboard shortcut" "Group with 
Keyboard shortcut" and "Group without keyboard shortcut".  i figured 
those five things needed a logical display at some stage in the future.

The other thing which i think i added was the idea of pulling together 
the Layer-groups into the same graphical manager. (rather than now 
having 3 interfaces for Render layers, Layer groups, and groups.  bring 
there management all together)

Otherwise yes it is Alexander Ewering's stuff, which i think is a really 
important step, and has been considered very well.  No reinventing the 
wheel by me here.

But as i said the more people with the same ideas, the stronger they 
are.  So I don't feel there is any competition between anything.


Doug Ollivier

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