[Bf-funboard] Groups display behaviour

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Fri Mar 23 18:43:05 CET 2007

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Roland Hess wrote:

> I call it a "lacking feature". This drove me nuts when working with 
> BlenderPeople, and I came to the same conclusion you did: max combined draw 
> type. I'm surprised there's any argument about that, as it's kind of an 
> obvious solution. I don't see any downside to implementing it either.
> Of course, I wouldn't make it a userpref. Such a thing would be controlled 
> along with the DupliGroup controls: a "ForceDraw" button would over-ride the 
> user's carefully chosen drawtypes in the original objects if they wanted to

Yes. Well, I had this problem twice now... I had some objects (in the "real
world sense") which had some parts made of glass or alpha textures (door
installations, flower pots), and obviously I set the glass /
flower-alpha-textures to 'wire' or 'bounds', while I obviously still wanted
to display the pot or the metal supports as shaded... only to find out that
all these settings got lost when the group was instantiated...

And yes, the "Override Drawtypes" button in the duplicator would be the best
solution if someone else thinks that the current behaviour is what he
wants, or if it is desirable for his situation.

I guess I could code this, but well, if this is enough for the original
coder ;-) to make up his mind, I can shut up now. (on this topic) :-)

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