[Bf-funboard] Patch: A tiny bit of Layer manager

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Fri Mar 23 10:51:58 CET 2007


as I'm increasingly working with 3D stuff again in recent days, I've
*really* come to miss the layer manager in official CVS.
So, I've ported at least a tiny bit of it - in my opinion, one of the most
useful things: LAYER BUTTON COLORS.

- All layer buttons (3d view header, moveto-menu, object buttons) get
   drawn in different color shades depending on:

   - if they are empty or not
   - if an object in them is selected/active or not

This already dramatically improves workflow, as you can instantly see:

   - in which layer(s) the current object is
   - to which layer(s) you can safely move an object (empty ones)
   - which layers you don't need to care about (empty)

For your pleasure and consideration, here's the patch against current CVS


(I didn't submit it to the patch tracker because it's already full of great
stuff that gets ignored...)

Here's a screenshot:


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