[Bf-funboard] Groups display behaviour

Chris Burt desoto at exenex.com
Fri Mar 23 01:20:44 CET 2007

Would it be counter productive to suggest this should be a userpref? :P

On 3/22/07, Alexander Ewering <blender at instinctive.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently had a short discussion with Ton in the bug tracker about what
> he considered a feature and me a bug, just wanted to know what others think
> about it.
> Intensely working with groups, I now had a group which had objects which
> where almost entirely transparent, so I set their drawtype to "Bounds" (or
> "Wire", for that matter).
> However, after instancing the group, I found that ALL objects that get
> instantiated use the drawtype from the GROUP DUPLICATOR, and the drawtypes
> of the original objects are discarded.
> This is of course a bit useless.
> I suggested to Ton to make group duplicators use the *maximum combined
> drawtype* of both the original object and the duplicator (just like the 3D
> view works). However, he dismissed that as "Orange did it like this, and it
> proved to be useful".
> Does anyone else think that my suggestion is useful, or does everyone agree
> that discarding the original drawtypes is perfect? ;-)
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