[Bf-funboard] Just out of interest: DEL and C

Michael Crawford psyborgue at mac.com
Tue Mar 20 21:38:30 CET 2007

On Mar 20, 2007, at 7:31 AM, Roland Hess wrote:

>> But all of this is moot if the fabled "event refactor" gets   
>> finished.  Really this time?  I'll believe it when I see  
>> it :P ...  That and the damn curve bug.
> I disagree that it's moot, and that simply allowing users to make a  
> patchwork of their keyboards is the silver bullet for issues like  
> this. It is EXACTLY things like this that need to be considered in  
> any overall address of the UI. How are people really using Blender?  
> How well does that fit with the current UI? How should the UI  
> change to better fit the way that people use the tools?
> I'm "rah rah!" for divorcing event handling from the line-by-line  
> code, but it's not going to solve any of these problems by itself.

I agree.  And in an educational setting, teachers rarely ever change  
the default keys (which is why they should be good in the first place)

I like the defaults now (except for a few keys such as the mentioned  
"c" key).  If i was that fed up with them i'd just modify my source.   
One could argue, that users, as long as they build their own blender,  
already have custom keyboard schemes.

> Of course, maybe once it's done, some UI democracy can take place  
> -- people can come up with what they think are good schemes, and  
> then bribe prominent artists to start using and hawking their  
> keyboard maps!

Aah... capitalism.

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