[Bf-funboard] Just out of interest: DEL and C

Doug Ollivier doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Tue Mar 20 20:16:31 CET 2007

The thing with Del being delete.... is that it is 100% logical.
It may not be the easiest key to access for a user, but at t he same 
time you don't want to bump delete in the middle of working (not that it 
matters much with undo)

I think it should be left as is. customisable hot keys are a solution to 
people. but leaving delete as delete is just logical, i can think of 
worse hot keys to be changing.

The other argument is about the usefulness of the C key.  I think this 
should be addressed separately to the Del key.  I too would think that C 
could be changed to another function.  With blender changing so much, 
and new features being added. the C key could be kept as a bit of a 
spare for a rainy day (does sculpt mode have a access key like vertex 
paint and face mode does?).

Doug Ollivier

Alexander Ewering wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been struggling with this forever since I use Blender, and as 
> soon as
> it became open source, I remapped these keys - now out of curiosity, I 
> would
> just like to know how others feel about it - not proposing to change 
> it at
> all.
> For me, one of the MOST USED keystrokes in Blender is Numpad DEL (zoom on
> current object). However, it is at the same time the most awkward to 
> reach
> (I have to leave the mouse, use the right hand to press DEL, and get 
> back to
> the mouse).
> For this reason, I have re-mapped a keystroke that I *NEVER* use (C - 
> centre
> on cursor) to this function. C is always near my left hand and always
> reachable.
> This has at the same time a different benefit: Another very common 
> keystroke
> for me is SHIFT-C (Centre on whole scene) - which now turns into a 
> logical
> "counterpart" to the remapped C.
> Are there any others who feel like this?
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