[Bf-funboard] Blender Fullscreen in Linux

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Tue Mar 20 13:59:42 CET 2007

Im sure this has been raised before but is there any reason not to make 
blender start in windowed more for linux?

All others OS's start windowed, and new users especially wont know to 
run Blender with -w, let alone launch it from the command line.

How about we make -w default (-w will be ignored), and if users want to 
run fullscreen they can use -fs

Blender has odd border redraw/flicker issues when running in fullscreen 
mode. may be NVidia only? Iv seen this happen on 3 different 
Blender/Linux PC's recently.

When debugging blender its a hassel also, I know you can run Blender in 
GDB with -w but with some IDE's (eclipse in My case) have useful memory 
browsing features- so I want to use its debugger and I havnt worked out 
how to run blender in a window from there - so I cant see the console 
output as I test blender in this case.

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