[Bf-funboard] Just out of interest: DEL and C

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Tue Mar 20 09:12:53 CET 2007

On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Michael Crawford wrote:

> I'm curious what language you are using.  On my keyboard (US 101 Apple) there

US English.

> is no delete key on the numpad.  The period key (next to numpad return)

That's the key I meant :) It's labelled "Delete" (in German) though on my keyboard
(which has a German "visual layout").

> centers on the current object.  that works great for me.  I can hit it with 
> my thumb while my hand is still resting on the mouse.  On the other hand, on

I sometimes fell back to using the right thumb for hitting the key, yes..
however, hitting C feels much more natural to me, and as you pointed out,
the C shortcut is totally useless otherwise.

> two solutions:
> 1. Keep a record of each and every variant of every keyboard on the planet 
> (not forgetting laptops), and remap the physical location to the actual 
> key... (is that even possible)

I have no idea even how Blender behaves with non-US layouts as I never used

> 2. Allow users to define their own keys...

That's what the mysterious "Event refactor" (pending since ... 2003? ;) is
about, appearently ;)

So, it's probably a bit late to start this discussion, as it's scheduled for
the next release (NO, REALLY this time!)...

However, your mail and Stephane's nicely support me in my gut feeling that
the current PAD-Period key as one of the most used keys in Blender is
somehow... strange.

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