[Bf-funboard] keys and markers- simple proposal

Bassam Kurdali bkurdali at freefactory.org
Sat Mar 10 00:24:50 CET 2007

In 2.43, markers are available in the action, IPO and NLA window. This
is good.

	However, upon (for instance) hitting the delete key, we now have a new
pop-up choice: delete keys or markers. we also have new hotkeys (ctrl G)
and (ctrl shift D) to move and duplicate markers. This is all bad (IMO)-
complication and slowness- and not consistent either (why not a popup
for duplication? why not a new hotkey for deleting markers?)

	Why not treat markers and keys as "entities" in these windows? then
selecting a key de-selects a marker, etc. (unless you hit shift) and G,
shift-D and X etc will just work on the selection. this adds the bonus
of being able to move keys and markers together if they are associated.

any objections/ideas/additional thoughts?

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