[Bf-funboard] Vertices BB

Bassam Kurdali bkurdali at freefactory.org
Thu Jul 26 16:09:41 CEST 2007

I don't think it's a bug, so much as a limitation- all the tools behave
in pretty much the same way. Whether they'll stay the same after the
refactor remains to be seen.
It does slow down bb a bit that you have to press bb, then esc each time
you use it... not sure how important that is in practice.

On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 14:06 +1000, Roger wrote:
> I select a group of verts using bb in one view
> When I move the cursor to another view I lose the bb select
> the verts are highlighted but can't be moved is this a bug,
> can this be changed so that a bb select /grab/ move/extude works in any view
> where the cursor is positioned without having to escape first.
> Roger
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