[Bf-funboard] Subdividing Tris into tris (XSI Style)

Carsten Wartmann carsten.wartmann at imago-viva.de
Fri Jan 26 15:03:44 CET 2007

Arne Schmitz wrote:
> Am Freitag, 26. Januar 2007 04:40 schrieb ZanQdo:
>> Hi, I love this feature of XSI subdivition, made a gif about it:
>> http://dogfight.3developer.com/SubTris2Tris.gif
>> it subdivides triangles to triangles instead of making quads and keeps a
>> very smooth shape, could this be done with blender?
> Can you elaborate on that? Do you mean that instead of Catmull-Clark 
> Subdivision, blender should also offer Loop-Subdivision?

Did you notice the image was a animated gif?

With that xsi option it was subdividing into tris along the last 
edgeloop. However I am not sure why it should be smoother then (at least 
not on a sphere?)


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