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Karl Kühberger kuehberger at gmx.net
Wed Jan 24 22:44:21 CET 2007


Am 24.01.2007 um 07:28 schrieb Roger:

> Campbell Barton wrote:
>> http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Ideasman42
>> Seeing the recent discussion on this mailing list prompted me to  
>> write a document "Howto get new features into Blender" in an  
>> attempt to better bridge the gap between users and developers.
>> Often peoples efforts to have new features added into Blender fail  
>> because they go about it in a way that puts developers off side.
>> Feedback from devs & users welcome.
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> ====================--------------------------------
> I would love Blender to be all things to all people, however after  
> reconsidering, for what it's
> worth that it is
> important to look at things from the <Unix / Linux>
> perspective, "One tool to do one job  - well"..
> Blender does this.
> In recent discussion we have been exploring combining of tools,  
> taking developers away from their
> prime focus.
> Perhaps, instead of requesters trying to get CAD additional  
> capability into Blender, which after all
> is a realism and animation tool, we could explore crossover tools.

I would agree, that Blender is no (2D-) CAD tool and should not be  
one in the future.
You call Blender a "realism and animation tool". Indeed, I see  
Blender also in that
category. For me that means also, that Blender should have some  
better features
when it goes to do "realistic" modelling with accurate dimensions and  
stuff like this.
Therefore I asked for better snapping and measuring features in  
Blender, what is not
synonymous with CAD. It is just a verly helpful feature - also in  
So I am glad to see, that some of this was already realized by Martin  
Poirer and will
be part of 2.43. Hopefully Martin also can code the snapping between  
objects for
a further release of Blender.


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