[Bf-funboard] Polygon hiding in sculpt mode

Κωστής Καρβουνιάρης neogen556 at yahoo.gr
Mon Jan 22 12:17:45 CET 2007

Well, this is my first message to the Board. I followed the instructions from the blender.org forum. I just hope this gets to the developers somehow.

The actual request:
  About sculpt mode, maybe the most artistic of all tools in Blender, I could not find a way to hide polys so as to increase the frame rate while in sculpt mode. There is a "Hide selected" option (in the Spacebar-Mesh panel I think) but it only works while in edit mode (where you can actually select what you want to hide). When you exit to object mode all polys are once again visible. Having used ZBrush for a while, a demo, I found extremely useful the ability to hide certain parts of the model that you are not currently working on, e.g hide the legs and hands while working on the torso, so the workload is more bearable, and you can go into the next multires level for additional detail. I think the use for this is self-explained.

A reminder:
  I have noticed that Blender handles objects of high resolution easier in object mode than in edit mode because the edit mode carries additional elements to be displayed (vertices, edges...not just the surface). So it would be cumbersome and ever result to a crash if we had to enter edit mode to hide polys while working in sculpt mode. We are talking thousand of polys here. A more practical approach would be to do it like ZBrush, which is to drag a rectangle on the screen and every poly that's enclosed is hidden WITHOUT leaving hte sculpt mode.

Please, send me your comments, or a reply, just to know that someone read this. I'm not quite sure yet about the logic behind this board.

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