[Bf-funboard] Was snap / align now Blender Architecture

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Tue Jan 16 06:47:24 CET 2007

Thank you Alvaro

Álvaro Castro wrote:
> Well, I hope this discussion ends up with some programmer adding good snap/align.
> I'm an architect using blender and I've used many many programs (like catia, pro/e, maya, autocad, archicad, rhino, formz, etc...). Of course everyone lacks something and is powerful for other thing.
> I try to use blender forcing myself because I believe in the opensource initiative. 

But I would say that a lot of people from my area, which are seeking for an affordable tool,

would love to use blender. But it needs that: snap/align accesed from any mode to any other (lines
to points, points projeted,

complete objects to points)...

And then we would only need some kind of more precise tool for measuring while doing for making
blender an usable pseudo-CAD tool.

  we have the potential of a whole legion of architects / urban planners / interior designers /
events interested on blender.

I heartedly agree with Alvaro
Blender is almost an Architectural tool of choice, just needs a few niceties.
None of the proprietary tools are suitable. they provide measurement and alignment tools but thats
about it.
I use Blender for my house design and caravan park layouts.

CAD is as the name states a design tool, for modelling our thoughts and ideas. Blender is CAD.
My airboat design images for Africa are on display in the Niger Delta Development Commission office
of the Managing Director, other designs are in the UK, USA, Malaysia Fire and Water Safety, Vietman,
Singapore Government Advisors, New Zealand Tourism and so on, now all I need is construction contracts.

Alvaro is absolutely correct about the leigion of Architects and designers waiting for Blender.

Once I can get fluid dynamics software for Blender where I can visualise a hull on water of any
depth, I will be able to do hull design for my airboats to reduce inefficiencies and Blender will
become a tool for Marine designers, yet another field completely open to Blenderites. the math is
all there, it's waybeyond my capabilities.
Yet another field is basic aerodynamics. Many folk fly ultralights, and autogyros and need a
development / design tool.

I never use soft bodies, my animation is basic, doors opening and windows sliding, etc.

Thank you for Blender

Alvaro, If I can be of any help please contact me off list on hovergo at net-tech.com.au and please use
Blender Architecture in th subject line or my very tough mail filter will dispose of th email

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