[Bf-funboard] snap / align improvements in blender 2.43?

Álvaro Castro alvcastro at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 15 13:27:25 CET 2007

Well, I hope this discussion ends up with some programmer adding good snap/align.

I'm an architect using blender and I've used many many programs (like catia, pro/e, maya, autocad, archicad, rhino, formz, etc...). Of course everyone lacks something and is powerful for other thing.

I try to use blender forcing myself because I believe in the opensource initiative. However, as I would say, open source is driven by the programmers passion, and I think it's more interesting to program fluids than snapping tools. But I would say that a lot of people from my area, which are seeking for an affordable tool, would love to use blender. But it needs that: snap/align accesed from any mode to any other (lines to points, points projeted, complete objects to points)... And then we would only need some kind of more precise tool for measuring while doing for making blender an usable pseudo-CAD tool.

I guess is not so easy, and the people thinks that blender is not for CAD, but doing this would make many people feel interest in blender.

One important point is to know that when an architect is thinking a building is not actually measuring everything and with absolute precission, but a combination of measure, proportion and intuition. That means that although it appears that CAD programs are suited for architects, they are NOT. It is better to use 3d programs with great flexibility like maya, 3dsmax... however, they need MEASURE and SNAP/ALIGN.

Just that, and we have the potential of a whole legion of architects / urban planners / interior designers / events interested on blender.

Last thing: is it necessary that many people requests a feature in order to make it real? If so, where should one do it?

Thanks for reading.


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Chris Burt said:     (by the date of Sat, 13 Jan 2007 13:15:13 -0500)

> Admittedly its not difficult to 
> combine/separate meshes in Blender, but it would be fantastic if the 
> vertices of meshes that are not in object mode were accessible for snapping.

not fantastic. Just *normal*. ;-)

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