[Bf-funboard] snap / align improvements in blender 2.43?

Chris Burt desoto at exenex.com
Sat Jan 13 19:15:13 CET 2007

The behavior of these functions still needs work though... For example I 
find it quite detrimental that its not possible to use the vertices of 
meshes which aren't in edit mode for snapping. This means while modeling 
the example the individual who started this thread described, you'd need 
to be working with a single mesh object, which isn't necessarily 
optimal, desired, or logical. Admittedly its not difficult to 
combine/separate meshes in Blender, but it would be fantastic if the 
vertices of meshes that are not in object mode were accessible for snapping.


Alexander Ewering wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Jan 2007, [ISO-8859-1] Karl K�hberger wrote:
>> all the complicated stuff like sculpt, fluid, softbody, ... or am I 
>> wrong?
> Never mind, as theeth just pointed out it already seems to be possible with
> the current framework. :)
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