[Bf-funboard] Uv texturing multiple uvs and decals

trip somewhere trip0o at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 21:46:15 CET 2007

This is not a request for a tutorial. More of an observation.

So everyone is at peach now. And texturing is a big thing. I am just
curious that why in all of the multiple uv editing tools created you
still can not stack transparent textures onto one mesh in the texture
and 3d view.
The old and so far all I can find real way is to use an empty or 3d
mesh to "guess" it's placement ala
After a bunch of preview renders.

Like i said just an observation. Cause i was going crazy trying to use
the new UV tools until I read. "Oh, that.. Yeeaah they can't do that"
So what good are these so called layers ? Eh, no clue. Well I mean
they are defiantly a start in the right direction.

Otherwise I fullly think what everyone is but to Roksorz! er Rocks.
The Fur is amazing', very 2008! And the new lattices yikes, awesome!
Just please don't forget about the small stuff like texturing, cause
it still feels really 1990's

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