[Bf-funboard] Default Camera Orientation

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 23:13:51 CET 2007

--- Doug Ollivier <doug at mudpuddle.co.nz> wrote:

> Below is a link to a quick mock-up.
> http://blendergo.mudpuddle.co.nz/proposals/align.png
> The concept is to introduce a small per object
> toggle icon to the side 
> of the object name so that the default behaviour can
> be overridden at 
> the location the user makes the decision (rather
> than in a preferences 
> area). This also has two more advantages.  Decisions
> are per object.  
> There is less clutter because menus/lists of objects
> are not duplicated 
> in user preferences header.
> Opinions...

I think we might be going a bit too far with all those
complex options, per objects defaults and whatnot.

A simple "Align with View" function (like "Align
Camera to View", but just rotation, not location
change) would probably do the trick AND would be a
more generally useful option (what if the object is
already there and you want to realign it, ...)
Also, like I said earlier, I often use the aligned to
view addition to add and align lamps at the same time,
so a function to realign with view would be equally
useful to realign lamps later: just rotate the view
around and align.



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